Moncrieff Construction began as a means to an end. It was simply a way to provide for my family. The vision was limited to serving an immediate need for personal income. One day I heard about a large development company that had plans to build 50 homes. I made an appointment to see the Construction Manager, and as he was telling me about their plans for the future, a vision for both me personally and Moncrieff Construction was born. That vision gave me purpose and energy to forge ahead. 

As time went by it became clear to me that the world out there was filled with exciting opportunities for growth. Growth that would not only benefit our company but also the employees that work here. 

The process of growth has been a time of personal and corporate reflection. I soon realized that for our company to grow and be successful, I had to grow as a person. It was never about being the biggest but rather about being the best. 

Our journey began in a 5'x5' closet in my home; with a new invention called a 'computer' and now we have a 7,000 sq. ft. office complex of offices and shop, as well as two additional locations in Everett and Tacoma Washington. 

I have been blessed far beyond my own capabilities and consider it my privilege and responsibility to provide the opportunities so others can be blessed in a meaningful way. What began as just a normal guy doing concrete work has transformed into a growing company. 

Along the way I began to realize and accept that my purpose in this world is to create opportunities for others. I also began to accept that my only limitations in life were those which I placed on myself, and that I needed to use my own opportunities and experience for the continuing betterment of others.

My professional and personal life is built around core values and at MCI we strive to live these values out each day. 

Moncrieff Construction's Core Values 

  • ​Be the Best

  • Determined and Hardworking

  • Professional

  • Worthy of Trust

  • Integrity

We are intentionally focused on Commercial Concrete and desire to be a company that is in demand by quality customers who share the same values and goals as we do. 

The future is a blank canvas that we are committed to painting with intentional strategy, leadership and execution. We believe that our corporate organization and personal lives can and should be built on unchanging principles, which will provide secure opportunities for our employees and beneficial opportunities for our customers.

We exist to provide a "Quality experience for our customers and Healthy opportunities for our employees"

                 - Samuel Moncrieff III, Owner 

​Our Story